Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rebuilt American Studio Spot/floodlight

Now available are numerous reconditioned and refurbished studio spotlights including this 65 year old steampunk-style unit that comes replete with a 6 inch Fresnel lens, levers allowing the light beam to adjust from spot (narrow) to flood (wide) and a chrome plated and wheeled stand that adjusts to 9 feet in height. Unit is constructed primarily of steel with brass and aluminum components. This piece was stripped to bare metal, polished and converted to accommodate regular household bulbs. The fixture was manufactured by Photogenic Machine Co. of Ohio under the name Vari•Beam which thrives to this day. Ornate and handsome piece - $750

Monday, 8 August 2016

Offbeat Snare

Another departure in styling is indicated by this unique pendant created in the guise of a chrome-finished, recycled and repurposed snare drum. The piece measures 22" in diameter and has a depth of 26" but can be shortened to accommodate a lower ceiling if required. The fixture is illuminated by two 60watt bulbs and replete with wiring, is grounded and ready to mount in any residential or commercial environment.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Steampunk Fantasy

A new steampunk-oriented variation on the fan theme, this fixture measures 22" on the width with a depth of 28". It is comprised of the chrome fan cage, drum kit pieces, many brass and steel elements from vintage fixtures, pressure gauges from a German respirator, a custom made light socket mechanism replete with 4 Edison-type bulbs and matching canopy. Suitable for commercial or residential placement.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


14" wide by 17" deep
Expanding on the theme, this piece is comprised of two floor lamp trilight elements, oil lamp pieces and a custom designed and fabricated socket structure plus a 14" fan cage. Supplied with decorative chain and canopy ready to mount.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New Heights in Lights

From chandeliers, sconces, table and pendant types, I present my latest foray into fixture diversity, floor lamps. Each is comprised of an array of various brass fixture components taken from other vintage fixtures and mounted on decorative bases such as the unique 1920’s variation as seen on the middle example.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fixture Fanfare

13" deep by 12" wide - 4' in total with canopy and chain

In my relentless pursuit of the original and unique, no mechanism remains immune to reinvention as witnessed by this visually breezy pendant piece. The main component is comprised of a chromed fan blade cage with additional hardware consisting of a concoction of floor, oil and various other vintage lamp elements. An obvious departure from the usual fixture fare, it is categorized as retro industrial and deemed suitable for any commercial or residential application. Illuminated by two standard clear chandelier bulbs, it comes replete with matching canopy, a generous length of brass chain, all necessary mounting hardware and a very affordable price.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Shining Example

31" deep by 11" wide, 4' deep with chain and canopy. Click to enlarge photo.
One of the many enjoyable aspects of creating these fixtures is the rejuvenation of the original patina of aging pieces of metal. Just as satisfying is the coincidence with which totally foreign elements of different manufacture magically blend with each other to create an entirely new and original entity. Case in point, the very top aspect of this fixture is a stamped 30’s oval brass canopy now embellished with a vintage finial. Below it, suspended on chain, are two antique pendant arms newly attached to an inverted Italian oval mirror pedestal from which are mounted a miniature canopy and a bronze 20’s lamp base. From it hangs a very attractive horizontally striped pedestal shade that once illuminated a 50’s apartment hallway. This piece can be mounted by chain and canopy or flush on the ceiling.