Monday, 4 May 2015

Shining Example

31" deep by 11" wide, 4' deep with chain and canopy. Click to enlarge photo.
One of the many enjoyable aspects of creating these fixtures is the rejuvenation of the original patina of aging pieces of metal. Just as satisfying is the coincidence with which totally foreign elements of different manufacture magically blend with each other to create an entirely new and original entity. Case in point, the very top aspect of this fixture is a stamped 30’s oval brass canopy now embellished with a vintage finial. Below it, suspended on chain, are two antique pendant arms newly attached to an inverted Italian oval mirror pedestal from which are mounted a miniature canopy and a bronze 20’s lamp base. From it hangs a very attractive horizontally striped pedestal shade that once illuminated a 50’s apartment hallway. This piece can be mounted by chain and canopy or flush on the ceiling.

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